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to 303 Youth Sports

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303 Youth Sports partners with area businesses to promote youth athletics 

Levels of Support


Player Sponsor

Practice Sponsor

Season Sponsor

Team Sponsor

$500 Level

Enjoy all the benefits of a Player Sponsor

  • Thank You Letter

  • Logo on Team T-Shirt

  • Logo on Team Website

  • Distribution of Materials

$1,000 Level

Enjoy all the benefits of a Player Sponsor


  • Certificate of Appreciation

  • Logo on Team Practice Jersey

  • Logo on 303 Homepage

  • Email Marketing

Our Vision

Just like kids all over the world, 303 Youth Sports is not short of ambitious dreams and unfettered optimism when thinking of the future.  We dream of happy children achieving success beyond their wildest dreams.  We envision fields filled with kids lined up to compete.  We yearn to make a lifelong impact in a countless number of  lives through sports. 

With the proper amount of funding, 303 Youth Sports is committed to turning our vision into a child's reality.  Endless possibilities exist.

  • Provide All Kids Free Access to Sports 

  • Field Teams in All Sports for All Ages

  • Organize Sports Leagues & Tournaments

  • Construct Sports & Training Facilities

  • Establish an Overnight Summer Camp

$2,500 Level

Enjoy all the benefits of a Practice Sponsor


  • Appreciation Gift

  • Logo on Team Warm-Ups

  • Signage at all 303 Events

  • Email Campaigns

$5,000 Level

Enjoy all the benefits of a Season Sponsor


  • Recognition of Support

  • Logo on Team Uniform

  • Co-Brand on 303 Materials

  • Marketing Campaign

Your Support

303 Youth Sports can't thank our sponsors enough for the generous support they provide to our organization.  Each team we sponsor costs thousands of dollars with countless number of volunteer hours and without the support given to us by our individual and corporate donors we would not be able to share our passion for sports with kids.

Your financial support provides 303 Youth Sports and our volunteers with the resources necessary to perform our mission.  Sample expenses include:

  • Camps

  • League Fees

  • Tournament Fees

  • Gym Rentals

  • Equipment

  • Uniforms

  • Warm-Ups

  • Annual Filings

  • Insurance

  • Marketing

Our Board is 100% Volunteer!

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