Code of Ethics

Our coaches adhere to a

Code of Ethics to promote proper conduct


303 Youth Sports is looking for existing teams for participation in area leagues


303 Youth Sports needs coaches to field teams for participation in area leagues


303 Youth Sports provides guidance & support to our teams & coaches


303 Youth Sports is looking to support existing teams in all sports
303 Youth Sports is looking for volunteers who want to coach


If you are a parent and would like to coach your child's athletic team(s) 303 Youth Sports can provide you with the support and guidance you need to have fun and achieve success.  

We work with parents in all sports, covering all skill sets, and coming from all financial circumstances to field both boys and girls teams in leagues, tournaments, and events throughout Colorado.

If you are a coach and have an existing team in search of an organizational partner 303 Youth Sports can provide you with the support and stability you need to achieve success.

We work with competitive teams in all sports to raise funds, organize try-outs, secure facilities, and provide assistance in managing and marketing their team.

If you are a former coach or player or another type of unaffiliated volunteer interested in coaching youth athletics 303 Youth Sports can provide you with the training and assistance you need to make a difference.

We work with volunteer coaches in all sports to organize a team and to attract the talent and funds needed to achieve success.

How We Operate

Support Provided

303 Youth Sports organizes teams in all sports for all ages and skill levels.  Teams are seperated by geographic location and led by a Team President who is responsible for managing all age divisions of that team. Presidents may field one or multiple age divisions for a specific team and generally act as coach to at least one team.

Team Presidents are given the autonomy to name their team, pick their colors, assist in uniform design, and select the league and/or tournaments they participate in. Coaches set their own practice schedules and select which seasons to field teams.

303 Youth Sports works with Team Presidents and Coaches to organize try-outs, coordinate facility rentals, manage scheduling, and market their teams to the general public.  

Teams are eligible for financial support from 303 Youth Sports, but are responsible for any deficit to their operating budget.  Teams are required to raise funds via pledges, donations, or participation fees to supplement support provided by 303 Youth Sports.

303 Youth Sports aims to provide value to every team we work with.  We act as a partner to our affiliated teams and assist them in organizing and managing their team(s).  The support services we provide include the following:

  • Financial Support

  • Fundraising Assistance

  • League Enrollments

  • Facility Rentals

  • Manage Scheduling

  • Coordinate Try-Outs

  • Team Marketing

  • Liability Management

  • Practice Plans

Code of Ethics

Coaching Application


Parents place an enormous amount of trust in the hands of their children's coaches.  In order to promote a safe and healthy environment 303 Youth Sports requires all coaching candidates to pass a thorough background check and adhere to our Code of Ethics.  We expect our coaches to be role models and leaders for our teams and for their conduct to reflect well on our children and organization.

  • Coaches will give respect to all players, parents, referees, and opponents at all times

  • Coaches will promote a safe learning environment at all times

  • Coaches will identify and address all injuries to players immediately

  • Coaches will not humiliate or discourage a player at any time

  • Coaches will not use inappropriate language at any time

  • Coaches will not use exercise as a form of punishment at any time

All coaches and volunteers are subject to all state and federal laws pertaining to People In Positions of Trust.  Any inappropriate or illegal behaviors by our coaches will not be tolerated and will be referred to local authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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